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Friday, March 12, 2010

Research Aptitude : Sample Test

Q.1 Hypothesis can not stated in
Clear terms
Logical terms
Simple terms
Question form

Q.2 A good hypothesis should be
Precise, specific and consistent with most known facts
Of limited scope and should not have general or global significance
Tested by the given data
All of the above

Q.3 Research is done for
Interest in research
Knowledge of research techniques
Experience in conducting research
Interest in the discipline concerned

Q.4 One of the essential characteristics of research is

Q.5 Logic of induction is very close to
The logic of sampling
The logic of observation
The logic of the controlled variables
None of the above

Q.6 For accuracy researcher should
Increase the sampling
Keep the variance high
All the above

Q.7 A good research always begins with
An original idea
Preparation of the plan & design for study
Study of relevant research methodology
Study of what research others has done

Q.8 An investigator studied the census data for a given area and prepared a write up based on them Such a write-up is called:
Research paper
Research report

Q.9 A research problem is feasible only when
it ias researchable
it is new
it has some utility
all of the above

Q.10 A researcher selects a probability sample of 100 out of the total population. It is
Random sampling
Cluster Sampling
Systematic Sampling
None of the above
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